Blooming Minds Bulletin Board Set

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Growing great minds is the theme of this Blooming Minds Bulletin Board. Pieces offer encouraging tips for student success and a place for recording class goals. The fresh, casual design features flowers in slightly pastel colors popping on a white background, perfect for brightening any space.

The 20-piece set contains:

Growing Great Minds sign: 14.375”w x 7.625”h

___ Grade Is in Full Bloom sign: 10.125"w x 12.5"h

Look Who’s Blooming sign: 8.5"w x 9.375"h

Blue flower bunch: 11.5"w x 8"h

Yellow flower bunch: 10.75"w x 6.625"h

Multi-color flower bunch (yellow center): 11.75"w x 8.75"h

Multi-color flower bunch (purple flower) 12"w x 7.375"h

Small orange flower w/ leaves: 8"w x 5.75"h

Small purple flower: 5.5"w x 5.5"h

Small pink flower: 6.125"w x 6"h

Large turquoise flower: 9.75"w x 10"h

Large blue flower: 11.25"w x 11.5"h

Large pink flower: 10"w x 9.875"h

Large doodle leaf: 3.875"w x 7.625"h

Small doodle leaf: 2.625"w x 4.5"h

Small green leaf: 2.5"w x 4.875"h

Growth Goals Chart: 17.5"w x 24"h

Young Minds Bloom in This Room Mini Poster: 8"w x 17.5"h

Ready, Set, Grow Mini Poster: 8"w x 17.5"h

It’s OK to… Mini Poster: 8"w x 17.5"h

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