Calm & Cool Ice Pops 6" Designer Cut-Outs

Sale price$8.99


These Calm & Cool Ice Pops 3" Designer Cut-Outs look cool and juicy enough to eat!  They are perfect for accenting a variety of classroom displays, bulletin boards, and projects.   These versatile icy treat cut-outs are perfect for making small classroom signs, writing notes or invitations, making memory games, labeling doors, cubbies, or supply bins, and more! 

  • 36 pieces per package
  • 12 each of 3 colors: teal, blue, pink

Calm & Cool is a décor collection that uses simple patterns and soft colors to evoke a feeling of calmness and soothe the senses.  The result is a comforting classroom environment that promotes concentration, cohesiveness, and contentment.

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