Plant Positive Bulletin Board

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The Plant Positive Bulletin Board has a simple and classic look that will brighten any classroom space. The set features classic greenery and plant designs, making it a perfect addition to brighten any space!

The 18-piece set contains:

•        “Plant Positivity Grow Greatness” sign: 15.5”w x 8”h
•        “Root for Each Other” sign: 9”w x 10”h
•        “Where Kindness Grows” sign: 8”w x 1.75”h
•        Dark green leafy plant (without pot): 11.75”w x 17.75”h
•        Mint green leafy plant (without pot): 15”w x 16.5”h
•        Pink and Turquoise butterflies: 5.25”w x 4”h
•        Bees: 3.75”w x 3.75”h
•        Empty pot 1 (w/ dots): 7”w x 7”h
•        Empty pot 2 (w/ lines): 7.25”w x 7”h
•        Hanging plant 1 (w/ dots on pot): 13.25”w x 16.75”h
•        Hanging plant 2 (w/triangles on pot): 11.75”w x 20.5”h
•        Minty green potted plant: 8.75”w x 17.25”h
•        Lime green potted plant: 13.75”w x 13.5”h
•        Watering Can: 9”w x 7.75”h
•        Greenhouse: 17”w x 18.5”h

Bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with bulletin board ideas, classroom activities, and a reproducible.

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