Pom-Poms 6 inch Designer Cut-Outs

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Bring a burst of color to bulletin boards and all around the classroom with these Pom-Poms 6" Cut-Outs! The fun shape of these versatile cut-outs is perfect for accenting a variety of classroom displays, bulletin boards, and projects. Also, add any content (e.g., math facts, vocabulary or spelling words, or science definitions) to the cut-outs to make instant flash cards, learning cards, or other classroom activity cards. Package includes a variety of pom-pom sizes.

Creative idea: attach multiple sizes of pom-pom cut-outs to a ribbon or string to create a fun garland to hang around the classroom or in the hallway. Or, create a "Books We've Read" display by adding the name of each book the class reads throughout the school year to one of the pom-poms on the garland.

  • 216 pieces per package
  • 6 each of 6 large pom-poms: red, orange, yellow, purple, teal, bright blue
  • 180 bonus pom-pom pieces (a mix of extra small, small, and medium sizes)

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